Sunday’s Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Radio Stream 6-23-19 9:30 AM-3 PM at : Deconstructing the River St. “Show” Campground; Reports from Activists and Idlers; and much more…

STILL SEEKING A RECIPIENT—REWARD ! :$300 for info leading to a 10′ X 10′ studio space indoors or outside with access to bathroom, internet, and power.  Free Radio Santa Cruz is also seeking a transmitter space where we can put up an antenna–a backyard, a multistory home, a high tree–help us spread the word.   Help us so we can help you!

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Some of What’s On the Current-and-Catchy portionhuff of today’s show:

  • River St. Camp Boss Eric Snickars Fields Hard Questions
  • Conscience & Action in action–a look inside
  • Marching Towards War with Iran; Paralysis & Apathy in Santa Cruz
  • A Scotts Valley sympathizer recounts calling out a business bigot
  • Katzenjammer Keith Reports on D.C., Santa Cruz, and Upcoming Events
  • Gloomy Gusts Ahead: Looking Forward to City Council Tuesday
  • Dawncaller Drew Glover and the Upcoming Council Report
  • Alicia Kuhl’s D.C. Report as She Heads for Fresno Lawyer’s Conference
  • Elder Struggles & Snapshots in Santa Cruz with Ray and Jim
  • Traveler Tim’s Sunny Shelter Report
  • Sundried Tales of Titillation and Trouble from the Food Not Bombs Vats
  • Wes White on Salinas and Washington D.C.

Flashes from the Front  by S.C. Fulltimer Vandweller Julie & Bathrobespierre Robert
  • Support Alternative Survival Camps and Squats in the Wake of the City Council Refusal to Restore Bathrooms, Wash Stations, and Safety Zones for the Majority of Homeless Folks
  • Join the Ross Camp Lawsuit Seeking Damages–Whether you were at Ross Camp or Not: Protect Survival Camps Everywhere! Contact Barracuda Mama at 831-431-7766 or Visit the Union of the Homeless table 4-6 PM at the Saturday and Sunday Food Not Bombs Meals at the Main Post Office
  • Get Ready for Direct Action to Restore and Expand Community Restroom Use
  • Donate to Existing Homeless Encampments, NOT Poverty-Pimp Posturers– Survival Demands Blankets, Water, Tarps, Portapotties & Trash Pick-Up’s–and Deter Police Harassment by being On Call to Document It.
  • Community and City Council Take Note!–More Needs: Potable Water for Drinking and Grey Water for Washing, Laundry Access so Clothes Don’t Mildew, a Drainage System Against the Rains, More Space in Additional Spots, Less Cop Crackdowns
  • Support Food Not Bombs,  the Warming Center’s Day/Night Storage Program, HUFF, Conscience and Action, Santa Cruz Union of the Homeless