Wednesday June 26, 2019 Conscience and Action at the Sub Rosa at 11 AM followed by HUFF at or sometime after Noon at 703 Pacific

We chatter and quaff coffee. 
Also likely:  a visit from River St. Campground Director Eric Snickars..


Note:  Agenda Ideas are simply suggestions and subject to change and addition from anyone in the group.  They cover a wide range of possibilities.  Likelihood of postponing C & A meeting today considering the concurrent the Homeless Connect meet.

  • Announcements: Choice of Action Items
  • D.C. and Union Report
  • Prep for Tonight’s Union Update 5-7 PM at RCNV; Weekend Declaration Tabling at FNB; Iran Anti-War Demo Saturday
  • Main Projects: Louden Nelson Bathroom Action & Organizing…RV Protection….Campground Union Organizing
  • City Council Lookback
  • Glover Call on Release of Infraction Examination                                                                                           
  • Media Focus on Exorbitant Cost of Pseudo-Shelter Alternatives:  The River St. Concentration Camp & Other
  • Old Business—Follow-Up’s:  River St. Campground Situation—Snickars–Organizing for Rights to Visit, Documentation at Coral St. & Elsewher   Facebook Fraternizing & Threats with Bigots/Nimby’s…Needle Exchange Expansion Debate/Forum…Post Office Box: Alicia Homeless Union Report
  • Main Projects:   Louden Nelson—City Bathroom Situation—Campgrounds
  • Portapotty Placement…Glover’s Proposal Prospects…Louden Nelson Line
  • Stepping Up Santa Cruz Resource List–Who’ll Do the Follow-Up?

    For HUFFsters

  • Announcements: Including Brief Summaries of Agenda Items
  • Further Action on C & A Items
  • Street Reports: June
  • Street Spirit Vendor: Angel Mason
  • Santa Cruz (Homeless) Connect Report; Flyering
  • Public Records: Oral Communication History
  • Glover Intern Meeting & Recall Report 
  • Campside Connections & Mills Enforcement
  • Jack’s Restaurant Discrimination Sting
  • Crackdown on RV’s at Safeway and Elsewhere; Recent Fliers
  • RV Attacks & Restricted”Reforms” in Other Cities
  • SNAIL Update?
  • Berkeley Report