The Sunday November 26, 2023 show features Cooper’s cry for help on tomorrow’s police demolition of their campsite community, Keith McHenry on City Council’s License Reader Vote, + Flashback to May 30, 1999

The Sunday November 26,2023 show includes:

  • Katzenjammer Keith McHenry on the upcoming City Council’s slamdunk vote on “terrorist preventing” Automatic License Plate Readers and dark doings around the city and state
  • Lunchserver Leo discusses his history with Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs
  • “Cage Me Not” Cooper on the preliminary steps taken before the looming demolition of her Community Survival Camp in the Pogonip
  • Master Cartoonist Mike Quinn: Complaints from his Cafe Seat
  • “Ceasefire in Gaza NOW!” speakers in Abbott’s Square 11-24 including “Anomaly”, Gage, Elam, Polesmi, and Aron (names approximate)
  • A former Santa Cruzan in San Francisco law student’s experience with his first arrest
  • Vets Line Voices (at the Thanksgiving Chowdown):  Eric S., Toughtimes Thomas, Sasha, Juanito, Dreamcatcher, and Timmy B
  • Cooper’s Update and Call for Support to witness and resist the 11-27 police destruction of Camp Cooper

The Flashback to May 30, 1999 includes:  

  •  Kosovo call-out by Bathrobespierre for local response criticizing local Democratic party hacks
  •  Tracy D’Angelo’s report from the mini-protest in Laurel Park against the Kosovo bombing, freeing Mumia, freeing Steve Argue, and more
  •  Councilmember Tim Fitzmaurice on the City Council’s anti-war resolution being a good step in spite of failure to consider the historical   background.
  •  Fitzmaurice on Rep Sam Farr’s position and history on the Kosovo bombings
  •  Bathrobespierre on Fitzmaurice’s bad position on the sleeping ban, violence against the homeless, and city council procedure.
  •  Activist Lou Rice in-studio guest on the objectives of his homeless fast including a water fountain & better food at the Homeless Services  Center and his conversation with Executive Director Ken Cole.
  • Biotic Bakers Brigade—which pied S.F. Mayor Willie Brown for his mistreatment of the homeless.