The Thursday March 28, 2024 show is a Flashback to April 4, 2004 and features co-host Anita Henri, lots of callers, and a discussion of the proposed HUFF n PUFF medical marijuana giveaway also including Louis La Fortune and Paul Mercelin Sampson

The Thursday March 28, 2004 show is a Flashback to April 4, 2004 and includes:

  • Illusion of “Progressive Santa Cruz” on Medical Marijuana Accessibility and Tolerance
  • Street Interviews in front of New Leaf: Paul Keeper on RV probs, Marilyn of Alfresco’s—being a merchant in the combat zone
  • Anita Henry co-hosts: the 2004 Golden Oldies from Metro Santa Cruz
  • Marijuana Doc Tod Mikuriya under attack by Medical Board
  • Frank Morales with a Teaser on the Squatter Movement
  • “Dangerous” John Thielking on the Golden Oldies, Mumia Abu Jamal
  • Willits Medicinal Marijuana Patients Union Activist Calls In
  • Ray the Hairguy on the dangers of over-regulating marijuana
  • Dirtfarmer Doug McGraff on Growing Grass
  • The Path to War in Iraq– UK’s Tony Blair’s Culpability
  • Does “Under God” belong in the Pledge of Allegiance?  Michael Newdow goes to the Supreme Court;  local attorney Paul Sanford comments
  • The Dirtclod and Kay Chronicles—on street vending, homeless folks, and community members fighting back against Business Improvement District thuggery
  • Louis La Fortune, Peace activist, Green Party candidate, and union supporter versus Paul Mercelin Sampson on the Safeway strike