Today Rained Out, but Tomorrow’s a Charm 9:30 AM Main Library 5-8


We’re putting ahead the protest and signature gathering to tomorrow at 9:30 AM outside the Santa Cruz Main Library at 224 Church St.  weather permitting.

There will be coffee & cookies (and whatever anyone else brings) !

We have a few days remaining for public comment, depending on whether Public Works Parking Boss Granlund allows it. His office (at Public Works) and that of the Councilmembers is conveniently located right across the street from the Main Library.

Here’s an updated flier with more information. The pdf is downloadable at

We’ll be distributing it tomorrow morning. Come on down and help, if you’d like, then pile on the Councilmembers, Commission members, and Public Works flunkies to demand they stop this new seizure of public space in the interests of business prejudice and the SCPD agenda.

Fight Homeless Parking Ban at Project Homeless Connect !

9:30 AM Tuesday May 13th 140 Front St. in front of the Stadium

Where do “Service Providers” stand around Civil Rights & homeless survival vehicles?


In spite of over 25 signatures gathered in one day from clients and workers at the Homeless Services Center, Marlin Granlund’s Public Works Parking Authoritywill require permits for all parking on Coral Street, Limekiln Street, and Fern Street & ban all non-permit parking with signs to be posted on May 13th. These parking spaces are now used by people experiencing homelessness & disabled folks to access the limited, overcrowded, and growingly authoritarian HSC.The HSC reportedly supports this ban!

Those peacefully gathering signatures on May 5th while providing coffee and cookies were banned from the property by the HSC managementeven from the open area in front of the HSC. After forcing the petitioners onto the narrow sidewalk, Officer Azua then began threatening loitering and block-the-sidewalk tickets. Hestoodostentatiously nearby causing some to say they felt intimidated from talking or signing.


On May 6, Granlund e-mailed his department might not pay attention to HSC clients or other members of the public, saying he was “consulting with the City Attorney”. Granlund refuses to provide access to public documents that might show which businesses are urging the Homeless Removal program and why.


No Council members or “Service providers” have had the courage or interest to publicly oppose this latest proposal. 

Call City Hall at 420-5020 or e-mail them .

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