Today’s February 23, 2023 show is a Flashback to November 11, 2010 with special co-host Smooth-Tongued Steve Pleich

Due to technical and weariness problems, today’s show will be a Flashback to November 11, 2010.  It can be reached by going to the archives at  (begin 13 minutes and 25 seconds into the audio file):The Flashback  includes: 

  • (Throughout) Songs from the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s 1600 Transylvania Avenue
  • “Silver-tongued” Steve Pleich, defeated but unbowed S.C. City Council candidate (at that time) on Veteran’s local politics.
  • Trader Joe’s security guards harass local ACLU canvassers; Pruneyard decision and its modifications on rights in shopping malls
  • Closing of City Hall courtyard at night; levee spaces; library benches forbidden after 9 p.m.–all without public consent and without consultation with the Parks and Recreation Commission.  Still no lesson from the Paul Lee-funded, Ed Frey-provided portapotty for the three month long PeaceCamp2010 protest—i..e. no open City bathrooms at night.
  • Becky Johnson’s HUFF letter of concern to the Board of Supervisors urging reopening of the Vet’s Building
  • Background of “Veteran’s Day” originally “Armistice Day”—the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 when WW1 ended.
  • “Laying Down Arms” by Peter Linebaugh on Armistice Day
  • Challenging the SCPD’s “leave confiscated property” out in the rain illegal policy
  • Ronnee Currey’s Sidewalk Youth Ministry in the Rain at Soquel & Pacific:  Ronee and Scott on conspiracy to defrock Father Joel Miller;  Shift of Red Church Ronee’s Coffeehouse for the Youth with liberal hours to Traditional Church Services
  • Thanksgiving Meal moved to the Civic by Pastor Dennis Adams and Activist Steve Pleich  after County refused to open Vets Hall
  • “Free”, Free Radio Santa Cruz broadcaster, of  his Tangerine Dream show–joins SilverTongue and Bathrobespierre.
  • Successful and unsuccessful boycotts of Jack’s Hamburgers and Bunny’s Shoes
  • Background of the Sleeping Ban Injunction against Anna Richardson and Miguel de Leon (“Lito”).
  • Discussion of the 647e [“illegal lodging”] with “Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster’s hearing and protest coming up.
  • “Big Drum” Brent Adams convicted of “Unreasonably Disturbing Noise” given 8-month probation, Brent’s history in mediating Drum Circle with a set of rules causing Sgt. Harms SCPD goon squads to lay off until the Farmer’s Market commercially expanded over it.   Discussion of his relationship with Adams’ trial.
  • “Drum Circle” Dave’s report on the Levee Drum Line
  • Andrea defends Father Joel Miller as singer, funster, and happy pastor.  Penny University putting together petition to save him.