Tonight’s Bathrobespiere’s Broadsides show airs tonight (11-1) at 6 PM at Flashback to February 12, 2006

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A delay in resolving technical problems (now resolved) means we’ll be flashing back after a brief introduction to February 16, 2006 which includes:
  • The aftermath of the Spygate scandal involving SCPD’s then-Deputy Chief Kevin Vogel and his rubberstamping of political surveillance of the First Night DIY march of two months before.
  • Caustic deconstruction of Public Police Oversight Auditor Bob Arenson’s report critiqueing the SCPD’s spy activities–Arenson’s one public positive action in supposedly monitoring SCPD misbehavior.
The ultimate outcome:  Vogel was not punished but rewarded for his airbrushing of the situation and then, typically, appointed Police Chief.  He later “retired” under a cloud of scandal for having secretly kept an ICE agent in the police station and colluded with a February 2017 ICE raid. 

  • Tonight 6-9 PM  Restorative Justice Panel at the Resource Center for Non-Violence 612 Ocean St.
  • Friday 5:30 PM-7PM   March Against Racist Landlords   Town Clock
  • Saturday noon-3 PM   Really FREE Market   Sub Rosa Cafe 703 Pacific Ave.

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