Upcoming City Council Debris, An Update from Sanctuary Santa Cruz 6 PM tonight 8-31-17 on 101.3 FM

Sanctuary Santa Cruz activist Jim Weller updates us on the continuing crackdown on the undocumented in Santa Cruz….a new law on the horizon for “Unreasonably Disturbing Noise”…the 2nd Reading and Final Nail in the Coffee of the Anti-Homeless Stay Away Law at the Tuesday noon meeting of the Santa Cruz City Council…and more

Current street reports and messages can be left at 831-423-4833.

The show streams on freakradio.org and archives at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb170907.mp3

For info on how to act and not just listen while gentrification galooses take over the City and drive out the poor, go to the Food Not Bombs and  Freedom Sleeper facebook pages.  Or directly to the Main Post Office, or where ever the struggle is raging.

Freedom SleepOut #113 reportedly received soup and coffee–but no report on sleepers

Volunteer to support the Homeless struggling against Dehumanization at 575-330-3377 or by meeting with folks on the street.