Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 10-14-21 show netcasts at and will archive in the days ahead: the latest HUFF meeting rampages though a variety of subjects; Lighthouse Linda remembers “Shit Me Not” Cherie Petersen

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ON THIS 10-14-21 SHOW:
Masking at the HUFF meeting and at Sub Rosa

Another warning of Fall Sweeps: Soquel Bridge Camp Demolition Reported on the Signal Alert

Phonepal Protection Against Police Harassment? 

“Affordable Housing” Item at City Council. 

Cherie Petersen–“Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster Remembers 

Still No Open Public Meetings–City Council Surrenders to Zoom 

Bigtime Bail Requirements for Camping Ban Victims 

David Rovics Historical Tunes–Throughout!