Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 10-30-22 streams at 9:30 AM-3 PM and will archive at at 9:30 AM Benchlands Interviews aplenty Flashback to November 20, 2005

On today’s 10-30-22  show:

  • Deconstructing Mayor Brunner’s “report” to City Council [10-25]  on the City-County Two-by-Two Committee as she covers inaction with generalities and pretty hopes.
  • [10-23]  Long-timer Billy Joe Lowry compares earlier times at the Benchlands with now,  critiques the “alternate shelter” at the Armory & Overlook
  • [10-25]  Teena—a nurse’s quick sad observations;
  • [10-25]  Dreamcatcher interviewed on the Footbridge by the UCSC video crew and me; Rita bringing her UCSC crew to document her outrage;  Law student Rebecca joins Rita’s anger.
  • [10-29] “Red” on grim times (deaths, overdoses, rapes, thefts) from her personal experience in the Benchlands and ill treatment at the Armory.
  • [10-29]  ChoosenKnine raps on Benchlands bullshit; Monica living outside but visiting the Benchlands
  • [10-29]  Dreamcatcher’s “beat the bulldozers” moving plans to beat the 11-1 demolition, thoughts on Benchlands couples, and more
  • [10-29]  Kazoo on his early departure from the Benchlands; Justin’s caustic spotlight on SCPD abusers and kind words for Bathrobespierre.

Flashback to 11-20-05  show

  • Food festival folks reportedly gathering Hurricane Katrina funds
  • Poet Duck from Sacramento, Mikey Rat on squatting in Santa Cruz, Sienna from S.F. a UCSC psych student on yuppie prejudice.
  • Co-Host Anita Henri reports on the new Greenway medical marijuana dispensary
  • Musical interlude: “Children in a Cage” from Morgan Firestar’s No String Attached
  • Leprechaun David on Potter’s Hand  meals at Vet’s Hall
  • Michale Jean Sullivan plays Uncle Ray in the Mime Troupe’s Doing Good–Interview
  • A few verses of the HUFF song “Downtown” with S.C. Homeless lyrics
  • Henri on S.C. Public Works Department’s smearing of homeless recyclers as Scavengers.
  • “Scope it Out” Scott Graham on the Redemption Center Closing
  • Brief bits on the Metro Strike, a critique of SEIU leadership by Tim O’Hearn