Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 10-27-22 will stream and archive shortly after 6 PM today. Flashback to January 10, 2008

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On today’s 1-10-08 Flashback:

  • Poetry from legendary Berkeley street poet Julia Vinograd
  • New Year’s Eve Report from Pacific Avenue: Aquarius—ticketed for Sleepcrime in a Parking Garage, Swami. J.R.
  • Bathrobespierre Robert  and Fresno activist/journalist Mike Rhodes interview Nesh at the UCSC treesit
  • Phone call discussion of nanotechnology weaponry, LBam  spraying—it’s impact on the homeless.
  • “Supportive criticism” of censorship
  • New Years Eve Copwatch continues
  • Lawrence MacGregor (“Blue”) on cops invading his tent for drug bust.
  • “Mr. TV” discusses a potential lawsuit
  • SCPD’s refusal to provide legally required documents—offended by an visible audio recorder.