Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 12-19-21 show at 9:30 AM: Bad Times in the Benchlands: Many Interviews; Pajaro Survival Campers in Peril Flashback to November 24, 2011: 1st Day of 75 River St. Occupation

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ON TODAY’S 12-19-21 SHOW:  
     +++   Out-of-town but not out-of-contact “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry announces the upcoming Homeless Dead Memorial Tuesday December 21st at 3 PM at Lot #27, the Food Not Bombs daily meal site (also known as  “Meyersville”  after the distinguished former Mayor of Santa Cruz, still warming a chair at City Council.  Also coming up- the Xmas Day Saturday December 25th, noon to 4pm Meal (Vegan and Carnivore options) doing what City authorities refuse to do.     

+++   First look at the Depot Park Homeless Dumping Ground with Bobby of the Beach and Bathrobespierre
+++   “Whip ’em into Shape” Wes White in 12-14 chat on the then-upcoming final Status Hearing of the Dissolved Injunction formerly protecting the Pajaro River survival campers.
+++   Alicia Kuhl of the Homeless Union in a brief report.
+++   Fatboy on Vehicle Woes During Floodtimes     

+++   Aaron Horseman on the Criminal Negligence of the City towards main Benchlands and Dakota Landing Agreement Camp     

+++   Joy S. Reports to HUFF on the nearly-fatal -Flood Outcomes     

+++   “Can Do” Kevin with some Benchlands reports.     

+++   Vaccine mandates & the Homeless–Questions     

+++   Longer Wes White interview (12-17) on the outcome of the Court hearing and the Pajaro struggle.     

+++   Dreamcatcher and his storm report     

+++   “Shut Out” Sean and Big Sur Blues     

+++   LawWatcher Laura on Rising Pressures at FNB.     

+++   Kensie and Anthony on the Struggles of Recovering and Current Addicts in the Benchlands and in Santa Cruz     

+++   Sophie’s Last Minute Report on Successful Struggle at Pajaro with a Temporary Restraining Order and Community Support in Place!      +++   Flashback to November 24, 2011 Summary

FLASHBACK to November 24, 2011 features “Cracker” one of the initial occupiers of the Autonomous 75 River St. vacant Bank building Repurposing Occupation.   Commentary from Mathew Embri, Linda Lemaster, and Steve Pleich.