Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 5-7-23 show features Peggy Lee Kennedy on the OVO fight and Gaea on the Capitola Mobile Home Struggle plus a November 13, 2011 Flashback to the early powerful days of the Occupy Santa Cruz movement

The May 7, 2023 Show includes:

  • Venice activist Peggy Lee Kennedy on the upcoming Coastal Commission hearing on Santa Cruz’s nasty OVO (Oversized Vehicle Ordinance)
  • Guardian Gaea on the struggle of her Capitola Mobile Home Park fighting exorbitant rent raises
  • Standfast Steve Conover on his struggle to retain communication with his beloved Michelle
  • Troubleshooter Troy on suspicious official behavior around a recent hit-and-slip-away auto incident
  • Description (quiet audio) of the following Flashback

The November 13, 2011 Flashback includes:

  • A debate on the dangers of Smart Meters between Bob Lamonica and Josh Hart
  • Occupy Santa Cruz Resistance to the Sheriff’s Department’s Removal of Tents with Lamonica, Kelly, Ayla, and Abbie Brown commenting
  • More audio on tent removal resistance and debate at the Courthouse from Journeyman Carpenter Caleb, Becky Johnson, 
  • Casey Livinggood & Michael on Sheriff’s blocking public support/witnessing of the Tent Removal
  • Denica DeLafoy, Monterey County broadcaster and supporter calling en route
  • Occupy Tucson, Trent, Atlanta, & Others Wall Street solidarity demonstrations throughout the nation

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