Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday May 4, 2023 show is a Flashback to August 18, 2011

The May 4, 2023 show is a Flashback to August 18, 2011

  • Kent and Leslie, Berkeley visitors, observers of the appeal of the Sinister Sidewalk Singsong conviction of Bathrobespierre Robert and Blindbear R. Facer discuss it in the hallway afterwards.
  • Battling Bob Lamonica on his recent call for the ACLU to oppose local harassment under the Move-Along law, the City Council repressive local laws, ticketing Wes Modes for the New Years parade, and other issues. 
  • Slippery Steve Pleich notes full ACLU board to look at Smart meters, downtown panhandling ordinance, a settlement in the Norse v. Santa Cruz “Heil Krohn!” lawsuit & other issues.  Pleich ducks questions about Homeless [Lack of] Services Center boss Monica Martinez honesty regarding the Sleeping Ban and shelter availability. 
  • Lighthouse Linda Lemaster, Beggarbacker Becky Johnson, Pleich, Gary Johnson, and Coral Brune join the courthouse hallway discussion.
  • [7-21-11] Tracy Pellet, flutist, on more hostile street performing environment
  • Smart meter opponents on Trader Jo’s banning solicitors, petitioners, and leafleteers on the whole parking lot.
  • Father Joel Miller on fund shortage for Red Church meals and his Cynthia Matthews-initiated trial for “offensive language”.