Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 6-11-23 show netcasts & archives at 9:30 AM featuring interviews with Berkeley’s Chess Corner Jessie, Scope it Out Scott and Rough Road Reggie on the Shitty Council, Quiver–Street Sheet editor + 6-24-15 Flashback

The 6-11-23 Show includes:

  • Wes White and various homeless activists confront the Salinas City Council and the Monterey County Board of Supervisors:  Salinas/Monterey County CA Homeless Union Express Needs to the Jurisdictions, Look to Pass SB 567 
  • Jesse Challenge from Berkeley’s Chess Corner, Part 2:  Downing Trees in People’s Park Doomed Equitable Housing There
  • Reggie Meisler on the modified Oversized Vehicle Ordinance coming up at Shitty Council 6-13
  • Quiver Watts, San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness editor of the homeless publication Street Sheet,  on the S.F. struggle
  • Scope-It-Out Scott Graham mucks the mud of the upcoming Shitty Council meeting

The Flashback to 5-24-2015 includes: 
Lucero Luna, fiery local and traveling activist, translates some of the show into Spanish as co-host and commentator

Bathrobespierre on Vending and “Free Speech Zones” downtown

Doc Mike on the first 24-hour forbidden-to-park-except-by-permit on the streets near the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center [HLOSC]

D.J. Merlin on Salinas leading into a discussion of police body cameras pro-and-con”

Push-em-back” Pat calls cop higher-up’s to deter beat cop bullshit

Courney Hanson opposing solitary confinement for juveniles

Georgia Murphy on sheriff racial discrimination [Nov 2, trespass ticket for sitting at the bus stop]

Mayor Don Lane (“Gone Lame”) questioned about the Public Work’s 24-hour homeless parking ban near the HLOSC

Doc Mike Grills City Manager Martin Bernal”Friend to the Famished” Phil Posner confronts Parks & Rec Boss Danette Shoemaker on a trial camp in the parks & open bathrooms

Making Contact: Dehumanization Throughout Time to Justify Slavery and Ethnic Cleansing