Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 7-31-22 streams and will archive at 9:30 AM-3 PM Current News: Brandi and more Benchlands talk; Peggy Lee Kennedy on new LA homeless bans; Wes White Update; Joy Schendledecker on Sentinel Op-Ed Smear; Flashback to 7-21-95 on Host Harassment, Mediation Malingering, and a bit of a Homeless Play

Http://,  also visible as the “Latest” link under the Bathrobespierre’s Broadside section of  is now operational for hearing current shows.  You will find earlier shows from the last 3 1/2 years there. 

Brief written descriptions of many shows (so you know what you are getting into) are posted at can also sign up to receive advance notice of the content of the twice-weekly shows by e-mailing and asking to be put on the HUFF e-mail list.

HUFF  activists will be tabling at the Santa Cruz Police Department National Night Out Open House at 3:30 PM Tuesday August 2nd.  The event will be held in the Community Room and is open to the public.  Go and check out the current state of SCPD “Reform” 

Police and their City Council backers have made few if any significant  reforms since the Black Lives Matter marches of 2020.  Transparency, accountability, demilitarization, ending racial and class discrimination, are all on the HUFF  agenda.

FOOD NOT BOMBS  [FNB] still meets at the Town Clock for its daily noon-3PM meal.  Ask how you can help. 

On the 7-31-22 show: 7-28  Interviews with  Jesus, Brandi, “X”, and “Ordinary” in the Benchlands
7-30 Fighting the “Ban the Homeless” Zones in L.A. –a phone interview with Peggy Lee Kennedy with a new law coming up in early August.
7-30 “Whip ’em into Shape”  Wes White rides again with an update.
7-28 HUFF meeting selections with activist (and City Council candidate) Joy Schendeldecker  dissecting the last  Santa Cruz  Sentinel  editorial.

FLASHBACK to July 21, 1995  

Live Phone Interview  with Skidmark Bob, performing on the sidewalk with the Jus’ Kiddin’  singers and harassed by police and “Hosts”; Food Not Bombs report
 Live Phone Interview with  Betty Ippich, Executive Director of the County Crime Justice Council recommending a County Youth Curfew

Live Phone Interview with Daniel Robin, City-paid Mediator, in response to the no-sitting, no-sparechanging restrictions of the 1994 Downtown Ordinances

A preview of Nutcracker Nick’s “Home Sweet Homeless”, a play satirizing the Santa Cruz City Council’s anti-homeless laws