Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 7-28-22 will stream and archive at 6 PM Bullyboy Blueshirts Hit the Benchlands: Interviews from 7-25 and 7-28; Flashback to December 12, 1995

On the 7-28-22 show:

  • 7-25 Campwatch Keri–2-year resident of the Benchlands–on life as a woman in the park.
  • 7-25 Toughtime Thomas Parish–struggling from shelter to CSL place to in-home careprovider to success lawsuit against Sheriffs to retaliatory breakin to a vehicle to Benchlands
  • 7-25 Loren B. Stevens IV–outside visitor from the Mountains
  • 7-28 Camp destroyed and possessions stolen or trashed–report from “X” on what may be the start of the City Mangler’s Benchlands demolition

FLASHBACK to June 12, 1995

  •   In-Studio guests:  Felipe Chavez & Donna Patrick on the Global Peace Walk–on the road since January 15 (UN Nation Day) 
  •   Donna on police harassment and London Nelson park (then with “no parking after midnight” signs)
  •   Dean describes police treatment of the Global Peace Walk
  •   Caller Phil Free apologizes for Santa Cruz police state reception
  •   Donna describes conversation with Mayor ‘Birdseed’ Katherine Beiers