Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 8-14-22 streams and will archive at 9:30 AM-3 PM Council crapoloa, People’s Park Tour, & McHenry Roughed Up Flashback to 11-13-2016–Wes White on the new Homeless Union, Peggy Lee Kennedy & more

On the 8-14-2022 Show: 
      +++ Berkeley’s “Feed the Famished” Father–J.C. Orton giving a tour of the bulldozed People’s Park.          

+++ Squeezing in “Oral Communications” at City Council last Tuesday 11-9          

+++ Ill-funded Force Review of California Cops?
          +++ Katzenjammer Keith runs into “Mask Up or Get Mauled” goonsquad at Joy Schendeldecker London Nelson Rally 8-12.

Flashback to 11-14-2016:          

+++ “Whip-em-into-shape” Wes White in long phone interview on the new Salinas Union of the Homeless, the Flagpole City Council Sleepout criminalized and more
            +++   Freedom SleepOut #69:  “Katzenjammer” Keith on Take Back Santa Cruz and the Guardian Angels           

+++   “Battling” Bob [Lamonica] vs. “Bathrobespierre” Robert  on local poverty pimperee              

+++   Zav Herschfield on Hiway Widening              

+++   Moonslight Mark on Trespassing tickets in the rain around the library              

+++   “Dead-on” David Silva and HIV Discrimination at a local massage parlor                 
            +++   Katzenjammer Keith National Issues & the Local police murder of Sean Arlt
           +++   Pacific Ave. interview with Phoenix Rose on performing in the boxes.              

+++   Berkeley disabled activist Dan MacMullan on politics and protest
             +++  “Dead on” David Silva–traveling among common folk in Mozambique and Macao.
           +++  “Check in” Charlie Reports on Monterey Sitting Ban protests –
              +++  [11-4] Music in and out of the Designated Discs on Pacific Ave.              

+++  P.J. and Pup on proper police and pizza; Cooper on her latest trial; Running Water and Jody: more tales of hunger–Food Not Bombs meal interviews
           +++  [11-7] “Push back” Pat Colbe on befriending Farley               +++   Quick Updates: Andy C., Lisa, Hutch              

+++   “Pissed off” Peggy Lee Kennedy on Palm Springs park persecution of Food Not Bombs. 
           +++  “Straight Talk” Susie Worth on Bookshop Coonerty’s “trespass” for using the bathroom…newcomers on friendly police and cold locals…