Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 8-11-22 streamed and archived at 6 PM Aug 11th. Featured: Deconstructing City Manager Matt Huffaker’s Latest Edicts on Benchlands Removal… Flashback: First Serious Freedom Sleeper Arrests 8-12-2015 on the 8-13-15 Show

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Benchlands Survival Camp Defense Meeting: 6 pm Monday August 15 at the Resource Center for Non-Violence [RCNV] 612 Ocean St. Santa Cruz.

Today’s 8-11-22 show:

  •  Bathrobespierre dissects City Mangler Matt Huffaker’s Mini-Report at the 8-9 Shitty Council meeting
  •  Invitation and Interrogation of Huffaker by Food Not Bombs activist Keith McHenry and Union of the Homeless worker Alicia Kuhl.
  •  A few bits from the 8-8 Benchlands Defense meeting at the RCNV

Flashback to August 13, 2015:

  •  Counting the 20+ sleepers Late night at City Hall Area (in the days when grass grew there) on Aug 11.
  •  Examining the City Council display for agendas, Arrival of the police.
  •  Sgt. Forbas ignores the right to view the agenda; police threatening to remove food and literature tables.
  •  Assessment of the Resistance
  •  Israel, the video journalist being arrested for walking away.

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