Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 9-9-21 show netcasts at and archives around 6 PM THE SHOW IS ALL FLASHBACK to August 25, 2005 featuring anti-psychiatric abuse attorney Jim Gottstein

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ON THE 9-09-21 SHOW, a FLASHBACK to 8-25-05
“Crossroads” Chris Brozda, outspoken homeless advocate, calls in arrested for “disturbing the peace” while distributing his business card in an election campaign.¬†

Alaska anti-forced drugging attorney Jim Gottstein ( speaks on alternatives to overdruging in Trieste, Berne, Finland and elsewhere, outlining abuses in the psychiatric system.

Marilyn of San Diego calls in describing her son’s case held in Atascadero State Hospital.Jeff calls in from Support Coalition International¬† ( on falsified hospital records and how to form support networks.

Lisa Molyneux’s Santa Cruz Greenway dispendary report

Street interviews with Tiffany and Nick.