HUFF summers on in the Benchlands 11 AM Thursday September 9th at the tables between County Building and the Survival Encampment

Preliminary and Partial Agenda Prospects
  for Thursday’s (9-9) Meeting

+++ Sacramento Union of the Homeless Update from Keith or Wes       +++ Vehicle Code Vivisection: Defanging Hobohammer Haebe and Dustheart Deborah Elston’s favorite tools for stealing homeless homes
+++ Street, Park, and Camp Reports Re: Discrimination, Sweep Threats, Goat Breakthroughs, etc.      

+++ Federal Eviction Moratorium Gone; California’s Moratorium Going;  State Unemployment Benefits at Risk
+++ Panther May Report on the Dakota Landing Agreement Camp
+++ Little Bites off the Beast: Possible Projects?
+++ North Bay Updates:  North Bay Unhoused Movement on Facebook       +++ Latest on the Pledge to Defend the Benchland

+++ Coming Up on Free Radio: First Psychiatric Refugee Granted Asylum–Jim Gottstein and Roxanne Stewart-Johnson      

+++ Another Shitty Council Meeting 9-14; City Hall Bathrooms finally open; Shelters Closing      

+++ New September Street Sheet and Street Spirit newspapers available!