Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides for 3-23-23 will be largely a Flashback to 8-23-2008 where many of the Homies for the Homeless protest weighed in

Current Notes:

  • Cabrillo Estates Mobile Home Park tenants beg the Capitola Board of Supervisors/Planning Commission for legal help against a predatory landlord
  • Food Not Bombs under attack at the Town Clock and Elsewhere

Flashback to August 23, 2007

  • Santa Cruz refuses to annul Sleeping Ban as L.A., Richmond, and other cities follow the Court’s Jones settlement
  • Phony rationale by SCPD Spinmeister for closing down the Homies for the Homeless
  • 8-18-07  Chris Williams reports Homies being harassed at City Hall at 3 am, many driven away.
  • Amisa—eviction threat for talking with homeless or allowing them to visit—at 155 Felker St. apartments
  • Lighthouse Linda—in studio guest–on her experience as chair of the Homeless Issues Task Force
  • Razor Ray, Matt, De Moan & others on the Homies harassment and a proposed lawsuit
  • DeMoan organizes a meetings to prepare for dialogue with the Mayor