Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides for 4-13-23 is a Flashback to 10-24-13. Voices from the street opposing City Council’s Downtown Ordinances; a sizeable interview with Fresno’s Mike Rhodes; and lots more

The 4-13-23 show—a Flashback to 10-24-13—will include:

  • Summary of the Flashback
  • Phil Posner’s Pacific Avenue Sidewalk Protest on Shrinking Public Space for Vendors, Performers, and Gatherings: [10-19]  “Corkscrew” Tony, Paul Bernadino, Dennis Etler, Rus Manos, & others with Community Chatter at Food Not Bombs.
  • Phone Interview with Fresno writer and activist Mike Rhodes on resistance to destruction of the Grain Silo/Canal Bank Encampment
  • Rhodes article “City of Fresno Finds New Ways to Harass the Homeless”
  • Rhodes article “Where Hope Goes to Die”
  • [10-20] City Council’s Sidewalk Snatching—Reactions from the Sidewalk
  • Brief Interview with Jim Cohen—the Juror who blocked conviction of homeless activists in 1996
  • [10-21] Jack at the Red Church, recently hospitalized, on living out of a shopping cart