Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 16 2023 show features Felton Tenant Charlotte on the Street, Brief Memories of Joe Pace and more + January 18, 1998 Flashback with the Happy John Dine Cover-Up Report, Kate Wells on the Cannabis Club Crackdown

The Sunday April 16 2023 show includes:

  • [throughout] Songs by David Rovics from his website
  • An elderly Felton woman reports FEMA and an abusive landlord put her on the streets:  Charlotte Cramer’s story.
  • Indian nationalist Udham Ram Mohammed Sing Azad waits 21 years to avenge British imperialist Amritsar massacre
  • Disability Rights California denounces the Care Courts, currently a favorite of the Santa Cruz City Council
  • Snippets from the Care Court ad presented for an hour at the Santa Cruz City Council of April 14th
  • Memories of Food Not Bombs host and helper Joe Pace, who recently died—from colleagues and his brother.
  • Hotel living from a Coral St. refugee
  • Varied sentiments from Hollywood, Ursa, and Guitar Joe
  • Lyrical Eye Isaac Collins raps and ruminates about Santa Cruz
  • Description of the upcoming Flashback

The January 18 1998 Flashback includes:

  • Satirical songs from Mark Levy from his Sheroes/Heroes album (at various points)
  • Attorney Catnip Kate Wells, five years organizer of the Maple St. Cannabis Buyer’s Club, on federal threats and a possible local response
  • Activist scorn at the CPRB (Citizens Police Rah-Rah Board)’s final whitewashing of SCPD Officer Conner Cary murder of disabled homeless protester Happy John Dine with comments from Bob Lamonica, John Kaza, Vincent Lombardo, Robert Norse, Becky Johnson, Bob Patton, mainstream media, and more as they question CPRB Chair Bill Christie.
  • Phone Interview with Becky Johnson of Santa Cruzans for Full Disclosure on CPRB’s coverup decision.
  • Letters from Alex Darocy & Alex Southard to City on a Hill Press denouncing the CPRB findings.
  • Phone Interview with radio broadcaster Mike Ackerman lamenting the CPRB process.
  • Tony, Cannabis Club patient, asks questions about the CPRB.
  • James Farmer  “On Cracking White City”
  • Marco of the Tenants Rights Union of Santa Cruz on its recent activities
  • Donna Deiss on a Boulder Creek tenant suffering from abusive landlord with ecoli in water supply.