Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides for 4-20-23 features “Cornerstone” Carol Denney detailing three victories at Berkeley’s People’s Park, a report from San Rafael’s Camp Integrity, and some True Grit from Jimmy Two Guns and Robert Woodlief

The April 20th 2013 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show includes:

  • [throughout the show] Songs swiped from David Rovics website (thanks, David!) 
  • “Cornerstone” Carol Denney, satirist, musician, and activist in Berkeley describes three victories for People’s Park
  • Denney cont.: UC Chancellor still seeks to destroy the southside Park for phony “affordable housing”
  • More Denney: The real answer for homeless housing: not tiny homes, dog sheds, or shelters, but vacant offices and residences
  • Melissa, filmed by activist Melissa, on Camp Integrity in San Rafael, CA
  • “Shout Out” Steve Conover or continuing abuses at the “Housing Matters” Coral St. poverty-complex.
  • Jimmy Two-Guns on the Increasingly Hostile-to-the-Homeless Downtown Scene & Prison-like Armory Shelter
  • Robert “the Hero” Woodleaf’s recent $400 ticket for resting near a bridge