Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 23 2023 show features Outdoor & Shelter Survivors plus a May 16, 1993 Flashback to KSCO’s Homeless Panel Pillory where activists Imler, Edwards, Norse, & Grey Face Hostile Questioning…plus bon 2-2-2000 BB

The Sunday April 23, 2023 Show includes:

  • [David Rovics songs throughout, old and new]
  • Curbwarmer Caricaturist Mike Quinn at his Pacific Avenue lamppost lamenting the lack of employment for the disabled
  • Hiway 9 survival campsters Barbara Ann Delman on her former abusive landlord
  • Unhoused refugee Jack Ryan Rodriguez on avoiding the hard lessons of the Benchlands.
  • Tales of Police Shootings
  • Parking Lot Punishment & other thoughts—report by Outdoors Alice
  • Food not Bombs stalwart Eagle on Joe Pace and the St. Francis Soup Kitchen
  • “Whip the Wicked” Wes White on Bright Spots and Bad Times in Salinas
  • Song and Story of Khader Adnan, Palestinian hunger striker
  • Racerunner Reggie Meisler’s Appeal to the Community to Unite Behind to Crush the anti-homeless OVO Law this May
  • Santa Cruz City Council Update for the 4-25 Meeting: Blank check for military equipment for the police?
  • More voices from Foot Not Bombs: Gary the Healer, Drew on Joe Pace, and Greg on the Armory—pluses and minuses.

Flashback to KSCO’s Saturday Special on May 16, 1992 featuring Jane Imler, Fred Grey, Robert Norse, Linda Edwards, and moderator Michael Zwerling.  The four in-studio guests field call-in questions from a homeless-hostile audience.

Flashback to the February 2, 2000 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show with co-host James “No Nonsense” Nay including:

  • Mark More, former victim of trollbusters, snitched by Calvary Episcopal Church for walking on their property and arrested on warrants for peepee in public. open container, and bikecrime.
  • In-studio guest.Frank “Pathblazer” Pucelik, former Citizens Committee for the Homeless  “Safe Haven” advocate, hired in May ’96 to be Director of the Community House project
  • “Dead On” David Silva on the Rolling Fast & Taking the Sleeping Ban away from the Police to force Council to Create Safe Sleeping Zones
  • Pucelik on the tangled trail he trod for advocating campgrounds.
  • The elderly Mary Kourie evicted; James Nay’s account of the eviction.
  • Skidmark Bob’s run-in with Sgt. Butchie Baker collecting shopping carts from homeless folks 
  • Mary Kourie’s phone account of the aftermath of the eviction.