Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Net Radio Show for 12-15-22 will stream and be available as an archive by 6 PM today: The show runs 2 1/2+ hours, replaying today’s tumultuous HUFF meeting

The meeting included Gibbs, Helga, Thomas, Q.Z., Suzanne, Monica (and Frankie), Robert, Gloria, Rita, Laura C., Andrea, Greg B., Meta, & Jacin.  

Discussed were: support for the Union of the Homeless/HUFF/Food Not Bombs Memorial Meeting on Wednesday December 21, 2 PM at the Town Clock as well a protest and educational supplement to the 10 AM Poverty Pimp (“Housing Matters”) Memorial at the Vet’s Hall 10 AM. 

Also scheduled—a sign-making party at the Town Clock noon on Tuesday December 20th in anticipation of the recitation of the names of the dead and in hopes of shortening the list for 2023.
Under consideration and seeking support volunteers: projects to buff up productive responses to police in the wake of continuing sweeps at Harvey West, the Levee, and the Pogonip.  Contact HUFF at 831-423-4833 to help, or show up next Thursday at the HUFF meeting (10:45 a.m. at the Sub Rosa Cafe 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church).