The Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show for 12-18-22 archived at : Backstory Brent and Bathrobespierre lambast the City Mangler’s Quarterly report + Flashback to May 11, 2017 when protests were in flower

On the 12-18-22 show:
“Move ’em On” Matt Huffaker, Larry Imwalle, and subordinates present their quarterly homelessness cover story for massive spending and homeless eviction at the 12-13 Shitty Council meeting.

“Backstory” Brent Adams’ mixed feelings on Huffaker’s demolition of the benchlands and Imwalle’s report.

More from “Let ’em Freeze” Larry and “Just Doin’ my Job” Jeremy Leonard on Benchlands evictions.

Brent on the failure of the government, the Community, and the activists to act on the best models of survival/transition encampments.

Katzenjammer Keith’s updating on street vending restrictions, health problems of various homeless personalities, the year’s death total, overburdened Homeless Union leaders.

Joyfaced Julie, Dreamcatcher, Keith, and Gibbs—a quilt of many colors.

Flashback to May 11, 2017:

Keith McHenry on the “No Penalty for Poverty” Tuesday rally and attempted negotiations with Martin Bernal.

Ryan Harvey political songs of rage and righteousness throughout

[5-7] Extensive Survival Sleeper Interviews at City Hall with Hans Albertson & Claudio Martinez.

The May 9th County building rally, Post Office speakout, and march to City Council on the Homeless Co-ordinating Committee’s Final Report: speeches by “Silver-tongued” Steve Pleich, Anika of  the SEUIU, Students United with Renters, Keith, and Freedom Sleeper/ACLUster Abbi Samuels.