Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 1-1-23 will be available as an archive at 9:30 AM: Berkeley’s Cornerstone Carol, Santa Cruz’s Katzenjammer Keith, the HUFF gang, and more!

On the 1-1-23 show: 

  • A few new laws for 2023:
  • “Caught but Carefree” Keith McHenry on his 12-27 “serving food out of the rain in Public parking lot #10” arrest by SCPD Officer Denise Cockrum and his subsequent powwow with Top Cop Escalante & more
  • SC Homeless Union acolyte Shane Braden (aka Casper) on police problems for doing push-up’s at the Metro
  • Roxray the Bestboy Hanton on a racially motivated stop or two and some tattoo checks by curious cops
  • Joe, Dreamcatcher, Drew, and an anonymous videoster on Cockrum’s timely handcuffing of McHenry for unauthorized use of public space in the rain.
  • Cornerstone Carol Denney on Mayor Arreguin’s betrayal of his progressive fans in the class war against the poor
  • Sharpheart Suzanne brings up the case of wheelchair Steve “exited” from Housing (Funding) Matters
  • The unexpurgated HUFF meeting from 1-1-2023 (long)