Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 1-5-23 is mainly a Flashback from November 8, 2007

LATE FLASH:  The Civic Center Flooding and Wet Weather Emergency Pop-Up Shelter—open for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights—is reportedly closing down in spite of 8″ of predicted rain by Monday.  A worker reports that folks were ousted at 9 AM on the order of the new Mayor (Fred Keeley), some still unable to secure their property indoors, though staff are within denying entrance (as of 1 p.m. Saturday). 
There is no indication that the Civic will reopen as emergency shelter in time for torrential rains predicted for early next week (as well as showers through the weekend)
So, the City is spending money harassing homeless folks in the rain (see below) but refuses to extend Civic Auditorium shelter in spite of flood conditions. 
City homeless funding is still unaccounted for. 
City shelter programs are inaccessible to the majority of those outside. 
Now, as for the last few years, there has been no drop-in winter shelter as in past years.The City has refused to fund Brent Adams’ Footbridge Services—causing the only free storage program in town to shut down along with his laundry, women’s support, and other daily services.
To comment on this harsh but typical policy, contact City Mangler Matt Huffaker at or the new Santa Cruz Mayor “Fast Lane'”Fred Keeley
at .

On the Thursday netshow described below there is also a brief interview with Arnie, a Civic Center Shelter occupant on Wednesday night, who reports he was harassed and directed to move along twice by police in the rain, and even threatened when under the parking garage shelter (“be gone by 8”).

In the November 8, 2007 Flashback:

  • Bathrobespierre Robert fires “where can the homeless go during the possibly toxic Light Brown Apple Moth spraying” to then-Councilmember Tony Madrigal.  Madrigal, to his credit, was out tabling, giving out masks, and expressing public concern about the spraying (also opposed by the City Council).  However, he had no particular interest in pressing publicly for shelter from the spraying—even in the parking garages.
  • Callers express their outrage and provide updates.  Among them “Dangerous John” Thielking, Visionsong Valerie Christy, Skidmark Bob Duran, Mad but Mindful Maddison, and others.
  • President Bush’s boys defend waterboarding, a bit of its history.