Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 11-24-22 will stream at 6 PM today and be available as an archive: Today’s show is a Flashback to Feb. 14, 2008 featuring Measure K (Lowest Marijuana Enforcement) and San Jose Copwatch Interview

The 11-24-22 Show is a Flashback to February 14, 2008; it includes:

Revealing Santa Cruz City Council and SCPD collusion in sabotaging the citizen-initiated Measure K making private marijuana use the lowest enforcement priority for the SCPD.

Brian Parquette’s bad times at the Bookshop Coonerty where cops followed him into the public restroom to hassle him for grass.

Caller David on the authoritarian Coonerty clan and selective enforcement.

Anti-warriors divided & conquered: ​

Berkeley street protests pro and con re: Marine murderer recruitment; a City Council resolution “unwelcoming” them.  

San Jose Copwatchers defend themselves—an interview with Brian Helmsley.