Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 11-27-22: Talks with Benchlands refugees Blue, Kazoo Jimmy & Jorge + Simba, Joseph, Jeffrey, Calvin, Cooper, Kathy, Rufus & Dreamcatcher…Flashback to 2002 Homeless Summit Prep on May 2nd

The November 27th 2022 show includes:

(11-23) Kazoo on the shortcomings of the Armory shelter
Wednesday (11-23) Town Clock memorial service and testimonials for (Nick the Greek)

A lookback to a rare 2022 anti-war Town Clock protest demanding NATO and Russia out of Ukraine.

Two more from Kazoo on the Armory (11-21) and 1220 River St. Shelter (11-22)

Blue surprised by a residence trailer donation (11-22)

Simba, the outdoor skeptic, on light landliving (11-24)

Joseph Taylor III’s update on housing search (11-24)Jimmy Two-Guns on Armory/Outlook conditions (11-24)

Calvin of the Steel Guitar looks back (11-26)

Brenda on her son outside and herself inside at the Overlook shelter (11-26)

Cooper on the latest parking lot eviction (11-26)

Jorge, first man arrested at Benchlands, (11-26)

Kathi and Rory on Section 8 landlord abuses (11-26)

Dreamcatcher holding it together, down, angry, but still there (11-26)

Flashback show to show May 2, 2002 features:
Lots of talk throughout about the Homeless Encampment “Sleep Summit” upcoming in Santa Cruz.

Steve Weiss’s HUFF-UCSC  report

Cops recover the Huffmobile after a chase

Musicmaker Mike True on anti-homeless music at Yuppie Planter (next to New Leaf) and a bust for offering CD’s for donation on Beach St. from “Sticky Fingers” Butchie Baker.”

Lighthouse Linda” Lemaster on the Summit and local Green Party’s problems with its in-power mayor.

Poetry aplenty by phone with Julia Vinograd

Olympia WA caller on the Summit and past SCPD anti-assembly actions.