Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 11-3-22 will stream and archive shortly at 6 PM today: Last gasp of the Benchlands; Interviews with Barefoot Brad and Katzenjammer Keith

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On today’s 11-3-22 show:

  • “Barefoot” Brad Schwartz—early 90’s homeless activist and his travels since.
  • Farewell to the Benchlands–Sea Otter, co-founder of The Free Guide reacts to the destructive demolition.
  • Miguel Portillo, former Benchlands resident—brief comments
  • “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry–an afternoon’s Halloween on Pacific Ave….and updates.
  • Pushback:  Audio of the Aaron Mate Grey Zone segment interviewing Professor Sakwa  “Ukraine War Escalates as Diplomacy Disappears”