Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 5-26-22 : FLASHBACK to April 4, 2004

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The May 26 Show is a FLASHBACK to April 4, 2004:

  • Street interviews with Paul the vandweller and Marilyn the merry merchant
  • Anita Henri, medical marijuana provider of Med-X joins me as we discuss the Metro Santa Cruz’s annual Golden Awards for “Best Gadfly” and “Worst Villain”
  • Frank Morales on the Squattor Movement in NYC in November 2003 from Guns and Butter
  • “Dangerous” John Thielking giving “Free Mumia” updates 
  • Willits caller describes the Medicinal Marijuana Patients Union and Pebbles Trippet
  •  Ray the Hardcore Hair Dresser on the importance of marijuana as an illegal subculture
  • Surveying the community on access to medical marijuana in antipation of a HUFF and PUFF medical marijuana give away to pressure City Council to permit clubs.
  •  Grower Doug McGrath provides tips and experience.
  •  Attorney and activist Paul Sanford on his support for Michael Newdow’s lawsuit to remove “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.
  •  Paul Mercelin Sampson and Louis La Fortune exchange contrasting views on the proposed Safeway strike.