Today’s 5-29-22 show streams at at 9:30 AM and archives soon thereafter. Familiar Faces and Tired Tales from Activists Alicia Kuhl and Keith McHenry; Soupstock 42 Interviews; Wes White and more; Flashback to June 13, 2002

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ON TODAY’S 5-29-2022 SHOW:  
+++    Alicia Kuhl Demands City Manager “Cease and Desist” Threats of July Benchlands Eviction
+++    Kuhl on the Latest Doings of the Santa Cruz Homeless Union
+++    Cackling Keith McHenry’s Latest Talk About Troubles Around the Town
+++    5-22 Soupstock 42 Sidebar:  Drew + Jay of fb’s”Keep Santa Cruz Free” on COVID capers
+++    Grievous Groans from a Couple Dumped Back into a Jeep
+++    Pauline Seals at the Climate-Change-Through-Dieting Table
+++    “Rough Road” Robert Whitney on Vehicle Loss, Medical Mischief, and More

+++    Various Voices from the Food Not Bombs Food Line:  Gerryriggin’ Joe, Merrymakin’ Mac, etc.
+++    Brief Overview of the Benchlands; Keith Cackles from the Duck Pond Stage     

+++    Goatguy Kevin’s Update on His Animal Excursions     

+++    5-24: Kelly, the Traveler’s Tale at the Noon FNB Meal
+++    Downtown daywalker George on Changes over the Years     

+++    Deepdish Drew on Many Months of Service with FNB     

+++    “Whips for the Wicked” Wes White on Salinas Sadness     

+++    5-28: Sickboy and Fay: Musician and Painter Seated on the Pacific Avenue Sidewalk     

+++    Joseph, Vendor in the Wind, Reports on 8 Cops with Guns Drawn

+++    90+ Year Old Peace Activist and Author Jim Hart without a permit

+++    Truckin’ Travis Gives a Personal Update

FLASHBACK to June 13, 2002:  

  Tunes and Tales from Musician Mike True–Busted for CD Distribution on Pacific Ave.
   Camp Hope splits with Camp Paradise and Santa Cruz Service Corps: Bobby Woodside and “Dirtclod” aka Don Aldon  

Green Party observer “Troublesome” Thomas Leavitt on the Camp Paradise controversy.  

SCPD Ticketeer Wendy Bines gives a Driving-While-Black ticket  

Nathanial Kennedy and Miguel Molina reports from police harassment scene headed by Sgt. Baker ticketing him and others for chalking peace images on the sidewalk and opposition to pre-2002 Downtown laws against street people. 

    “Sharin'” Sherry Conable’s Report on the disappearing benches downtown by P&R boss   

Nick reports on heavy police ticketing against youth and traveler assembling on Pacific Avenue.

    Candy Jackson of Jackson’s Shoes on her petition to extend laws against sitting on the sidewalk, peacefully sparechanging, etc.

More Homeless Horrorshow Hits:  
    5-5-22 Homelessness Response Quarterly Update:        

Heaviest Homelessness Creater Worldwide–Ukraine War:         

Watch the Horrible Reality of L.A. Homeless Sweeps          

The Real Focus of the City of Santa Cruz Homelessness Plan:

VIEW VIDEOS FROM WES WHITE on his You-Tube channel (John Doe13K):  THEN POST SOME OF YOUR OWN ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA.  Latest from Wes:  “Crossroads in Carmel, CA Big Sur Land Trust Encampment Eviction and Sweep”