Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 8-18-22 will stream and archive at 6 PM today. Featured: Darius Mohsenin on the Landlord’s View; Cooper & Others on Leablower Luggery; Benchlands Resistance & more.

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On today’s 8-18 show:
       +++ Landlord Darius Mohsenin comparing rents and profits (part one)             [Songs by Peggy Seeger from
Heading for Home]
             +++ SF police use of cameras at BLM protests challenged:

+++ Another End the Drug War editorial:
           [Phil Ochs: Previously unreleased version of “The War is Over” from
The Best of the Rest]

+++ Christy Lyn Monde (8-14) On Leaving the Benchlands & Sheltershit                    

+++ Cooper D’Angelo, Russell, Robert Yates and others (8-14) on Leafblowing away Homeless Sleepers         

[Phil Ochs: Previously unreleased “Take it Out of my Youth” from The Best of the Rest]

         +++ Bit of audio from the 8-15 Union of the Homeless/Food Not Bombs/HUFF meeting at the RCNV announcing prep for a 2nd Injunction to stop the depopulation of the Benchlands. for the full video go to
        NEXT BENCHLANDS RESISTANCE MEETING Monday August 22 6 PM at 612 Ocean St.