Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 9-22-22 will stream and archive at 6 PM today. Featured: Benchlands Solidarity Supporters Ryth and Elisse; Mealside Murmurs at Food Not Bombs

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On today’s 9-22 show:

  • Ryth Haney on Solidarity Discoveries struggling to help residents survive and/or flee the Phase 2 Demolition
  • Ex-cop and convicted killer Lane gets a mere 3 years for his aiding and abetting role in murdering George Floyd
  • S.C. County Homelessness Honcho Robert Ratner accepts 10.7 million for Homekey Spending; is silent on Benchlands “available shelter” hoax.
  • Elbowgrease Elise on creating the new reality-based narrative of real human beings in the Benchlands.
  • [9-14] Hermithunt Hopeseeker on the missing family and spiritual element in the homeless services.
  • Rainbow Man, local street performer, surveys the harshening scene downtown, and against the Benchlands
  • Skywatcher Shawn reports on the Colorado Rainbow Gathering 11,000 strong, denounces new $1000 roadside sleeping fine in Big Sur.

        IN THE BENCHLANDS RESISTANCE MEETING:  Tomorrow Friday September 23rd 5:30 PM near the 2nd stairway from the Water St. entrance.