Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 2, 2023 show features Santa Cruz Cares activist Reggie Meisler on the vehicular resident struggle and two Flashbacks from July 1 and July 5 1996 featuring Bathrobespierre jailed for soup-serving in SF

The first 25 seconds of the show is somewhat garbled.  Apologies.
The current events section of the April 2, 2023 show includes:

Note:  Some of the July 1 Flashback is repeated.  Fast forward past the repetition as necessary.   The volume on the Flashbacks is low and may need boosting. The Flashback to the July 1, 1996 show (Bathrobbespierre’s Broadsides from S.F. County Jail #8) includes:

  • Beggarbacker Becky Johnson visits Bathrobespierre Robert Norse Kahn (#1472209) in Jail [6-28-96]
  • History of Bathrobespierre’s Involvement with Food Not Bombs [FNB] (he was jailed for serving food in S.F.)
  • Regrets about  the Jail stay
  • History of other “Food Criminals” in Santa Cruz and San Francisco
  • Life on the Glamour-Slammer.
  • Santa Cruz Opponents of Homeless Human Rights
  • The Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Radio Show
  • Proposed Strategies to End the Sleeping Ban in Santa Cruz; the Ban in Berkeley
  •  Why FNB won’t apply for nor accept permits nor go indoors.
  • FNB struggle: scorecard of recent victories
  • Why refuse probation when it’s offered?  Why an out-of-town judge called in for the case?

The Flashback to the July 5, 1996 show includes:

  • More from Bathrobespierre in Jail—Part 2 of Interview with Perusha Obluda, Palo Alto activist and broadcaster.
  • Obluda interviews Becky Johnson, discussing the S.C. Sleeping Ban, and Palo Alto Sitting Ban
  • Social Service SubCommittee Meeting (5-25) with Mike Rotkin, Scott Kennedy, and Jane Yokoyama
  • Phone Interview: “Mad Mike the Wonderdog” Balderos interviews Bathrobespierre Robert
  • Sealed Letter from Bookshop Santa Cruz owner Neal Coonerty Improperly Impacts Court
  • [7-3-23] Obluda’s intervew with Bathrobespierre Part One: Petitioning inside the jail for a Law Library
  • Another Becky Johnson interview with Bathrobespierre in Jail; B.J. on Father Mike Marini’s Church Shelter