Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides for 4-6-23 is a Flashback to 6-21-96. Bathrobespierre Robert was off to jail. S.F. Food Not Bombs staged a farewell event at the jail. Becky Johnson hosted Bathrobespierre-in-Jail broadcasts

Sound quality is very low.  If you can boost up the volume on your speaker, do so.
The June 21, 1996 Flashback includes: 

  • Background and Context of the June 21st Flashback as Bathrobespierre Robert checks in for a 2-month jail sentence for serving free food in San Francisco with Food Not Bombs [FNB]
  • Speeches, Rage, and Revelry on the Steps of the Jail just before Bathrobespierre checks in
  • Whittier activist on FNB arrests there, Mr. Twister (aka Corey MacDonald), Diamond Dave, & others
  • Bathrobespierre’s report on the City Hall Sleepers Protest
  • Perp walk into jail
  • Report on day-to-day life in County jail by phone
  • S.C. Revolutionary Coalition Speeches on June 20th including Jim Cosner, Becky Johnson, Dragonsheart Dan Hopkins, & Others