Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 21, 2024 show features Katzenjammer Keith McHenry and HUFF at Harvey West plus a Flashback to October 30, 2004 with a slew of oldsters once young including Bruce Bratton, Anita Henry, Jason Paschal, and much more

The Sunday April 21st 2024 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show includes: 

  • Interviews from HUFF‘s visit to Harvey West:  Sarah on the facilities at Harvey West and the follies of Coral St.’s Housing Matters
  • Greg B. on the merits of Bread and Roses
  • “Old Time” Toby on the “Don’t Feed the Monkeys” mentality of 2024 Santa Cruz towards those outside
  • “Castaway” Kelly–“bounced from place to place”…
  • McHenry on food and medical insecurity of seniors and the defeat of SB 1011 (the state anti-homeless bill)
  • McHenry on the successful lobbying and protests that brought down SB 1011 in Sacramento
  • Recent shelter shutouts in Santa Cruz and assorted local agonies and absurdities

The Flashback to October 30th 2005 includes:

  • Santa Cruz street musician C.J. Stock’s music from Before the Rain, his latest CD.
  • Pot War hysteria in Santa Cruz still intimidates City Council, preventing the establishment of dispensaries
  • [10-6] Richard & dog targeted by SFFD and SFPD for sleeping on the sidewalk and dog on the mall.
  • Update on the Metro Bus Driver’s strike
  • Butterfly’s dog Papillon gets a Host talking-to
  • [10-07] SF Coalition on Homelessness Willie Warren on local homeless folks getting tickets to elsewhere rather than shelter or housing as Katrina hurricane homeless get preference + SF marijuana costs
  • [10-08] Scavenger John Tims on his upcoming Santa Cruz trial and the SC Public Works Dept’s war on homeless recyclers
  • Caller Marion Fischer on the Transit strike
  • SAFE #92—Laughing defendant Hotrod Raport on his upcoming jury trial for open container and other infractions.
  • Kim on dubious Dominican Hospital days; Bob on cop threats for flying a “Need Work” while sitting on a public bench
  • Jason Paschal going to trial for metaphysical boothing without a permit, not “moving along” after an hour, and more
  • Tammy gets Shelter-Plus care in Boulder Creek through her coordinator; columnist Bruce Bratton at the Coffee Cart
  • Anita Henry in-studio guest on the marijuana-free Office of Compassionate Use proposal, dialogue with irate Glen on marijuana club requirements here and elsewhere; Andrea Morgan’s local experience
  • “Starbucks” with “Traveling Hungry and Ugly” sign gets “took my sign and told me to leave” police order from Cathcart and Pacific.
  • Report from Metro Strike picket line
  • Oral Communications on Unruly Parties and Decorum rules at City Council
  • A tad of the following Free Radio show “The Feminist Menace”