Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 7 2024 show has Town Clock Talk from Dylan,Waleed, Stefanie, Eric, and Heath + a Flashback to 6-19-16 with CPS critics Amy & Mike Maloyer

The Sunday April 7 show includes: 

  • 3-31-24: Dylan on her view of the problems and virtues of Phil Kramer’s Housing Matters, Brent Adams Warming Wednesdays and other local services and shelters
  • 3-31-24: Waleed, outside the last 3-4 years, on police chasing away and ticketing the shelterless.
  • 3-31-24:  Drew, Food Not Bombs food coordinator, serious and sunny report on Serpent’s Kiss theft and shutdown and much else
  • 4-4-24:  Assorted growls and historical lookbacks from outspoken street speaker John Zolli
  • 4-4-24:  Steffanie on being stonewalled at getting a Housing voucher
  • 4-4-24:  Eric S. on bad times at The Evolving Door in Scotts Valley
  • 4-4-24:  Drew denounces the dark vision of a many-storied monstrosity supplanting the Town Clock and surrounding businesses.

The Flashback to June 19, 2016 has:

  • 4-13-16  Interview with Amy Malloy on her claim against the City for SCPD smashing her car windows
  • Andy Carcello, Paul Lee loft resident, critiques Housing Matters breaking disabled people through harsh conditions and rules in a letter.
  • 4-14-16  Jacob, Food Not Bombs server at Freedom SleepOut #49 and UCSC Trailer Park alumnus, on UCSC’s push to oust them.
  • “Backstory” Brent Adams on 4th of July blues, Sanctuary Camp imperatives, and the Salinas homeless report
  • 4-14-16 “Merryweather” Mike ticketed for violating the “blue box” rules on Pacific Avenue
  • Bathrobespierre reports on his hearing to require police to release videos before Paul Marigouge-ah
  • Robert La Dawn, Keith McHenry, and Abbi Samuels at Freedom SleepOut #49 interviewing 1st Alarm Security Shannon Stanger.
  • Abbi on women in medical trouble in Santa Cruz County jail.
  • “Catnip” Kate Wells, erstwhile people’s lawyer, gives some do-it-yourself tips, the costs and the complexities.
  • Conversation with Sgt. John Bush; Shannon from CopWatch San Jose; local copwatcher Pensky
  • “Cornerstone” Carol Denney on Berkeley cops clearing Elm St. encampment