The Thursday April 4, 2024 show is a Flashback to February 1, 2007 and features co-host a discussion of the troubled scene in Los Angeles from CAN activist Becky Davidson, Venice civil liberties street fighter Peggy Lee Kennedy, and more

The April 4, 2024 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show is a Flashback to February 1, 2007.  It includes:

  • Venice/Santa Monica. activist Peggy Lee Kennedy on the Jones decision striking down L.A.’s “no sitting, sleeping, or lying” law as applied to street vendors and performers creating reserved spaces distributed in a Tuesday lottery.
  • Mettlesome Matt Marx, Cabrillo student, supporting the “Remonstrate with Ryan” protest in front of his Bookshop Santa Cruz to follow the federal Jones decision overturning the Sleeping sections of the Camping Ban.
  • Phil Bear, Beach Flats resident, on Boardwalk Tidelands ownership dispute
  • Becky Dennison of the L.A. Community Action Network (LACAN) on continuing arrests under the “no sleeping’ law in spite of the Jones decision.
  • D.A. Bob Lee’s prosecution of Roger Mench and other County Medical Marijuana Distribution Center and Soft Shoe towards City Clubs—S.C. Sentinel’s blackout of this strange disparity