Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 9 2023 show features the entire HUFF meeting from 4-6-23 featuring Lawwatcher Laura, Wretched-Router Reggie, & Others + Oct. 24, 2010 Flashback: Legal Aftermath of PeaceCamp 2010

The (relatively) current events section of the April 9, 2023 show features the 4-6 HUFF meeting with Bathrobespierre’s commentary:

  • [throughout] musical breaks from David Rovics’ “Life at Earth Matters Farm Remix”
  • Lawwatcher Laura C. reports on the “Public Safety” meeting of “Fast Lane” Fred Keeley, “Breadgiver Buster” Bernie Escalante & local homeless-hostiles; the April 1st Fools Parade by Housing Matters; the Planning Commission’s vote on the Coral St. expansion, and more
  • Brief phone comments by “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry on continuing meal, bathroom, shortages
  •  RV-rights defender Reggie Meisler advises on how to enlist reluctant local Coastal Commission reps to stop predatory police and staff attacks on those living in their vehicles.

The October 24, 2010 Flashback includes:

  • [at various points] Musical breaks from Cornerstone Carol Denney] 
  • Last night of the Portapotty at PeaceCamp 2010 in front of city Hall with attorney-activist Ed Frey—moving from streets into the Courts
  • PeaceCampsters  Art with Bathrobespierre’s narrative commentary
  • “Deep Voice” on the Rental Inspection Ordinance rushed through the previous summer, harassment ticketing at Three Trees Lot on Westcliff Drive
  • “Tough Road” Todd Hill, PC2010 supporter on the end of PeaceCamp 2010.
  • Photographer Rick Dell; Uncle Ray on camping tickets from eager Parks and Rec ticketbots
  • Lightcaster Larry on the Veteran’s Hall struggle
  • Move-Along Law origin; new unattended tickets law passed recently
  • Skidmark Bob on the controversial state marijuana Proposition 19
  • Bob Noxious on KLSD radio hopes and tidbits
  • Big Drum Brent encounters an “unreasonably disturbing noise” ticket
  • Brief bits from Drum Circle Dave rants on
  • Silver-Tongued Steve P. on UN Day
  • Clint’s poetry prep for singing
  • Ronee Curry with her Beans ‘n Burrito service on Pacific Ave.
  • Quickies from Curbhugger Chris—a court update on his “illegal lodging” charge from PC2010 protest
  • Travelin’ Tom Noddy on history of Street Performers Guidelines in Santa Cruz
  • [10-20-10] Levee survivor John Valley on his theft lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Department for seizure of his shopping cart
  • Making Contact:  the Proposition 19 [Legalizing Marijuana Somewhat]