Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday August 27, 2023 show features Berkeley’s Carol Denney on People’s Park, SF Anti-Sweep Lawsuit Updates, Street Interviews, and Keith McHenry stuff too! Long flashback to 9-25-05

The August 27, 2023 show includes

The Flashback to September 25, 2005 includes: 

  • [throughout: psychiatric survival songs by Morgan Firestar]
  • “Mad Mike the Wonder Dog” Balderos on a double homicide, memorial for Abdullah Hassan, aka George Eugene Dawson or General Dread, died a week ago
  • City Council slated to consider closing access trail between Eastcliff Ave. and Branceforte at night over Commission opposition
  • Norse’s disruption trial date for standing at the City Council microphone Oct. 24; John Maurer’s “Fuck the Pigs” case on Closed agenda
  • Critique of Juan Cole’s “phased withdrawal” from Iraq proposal:
  • 7-6-05: Interview with Uncle Dennis (the Bard) Holt for not showing his driver’s license; Honorable mention of HotRod (John Rapaport) and Leatherlungs Jim Purcell’s cases; Holt also reports on S.F. anti-war protest
  • Phone interview with Pebbles Trippet—on the right of self-defense in Medina Meteras case, a marijuana grower who defended their crop. 707-964-YESS
  • ” Pepper-in-your-Punch” Pat Kittle on the Mexican Marijuana Mafia
  • Trumping Public Defender Desiree Young’s advice to plead out.  “Bad Boy” Brozda  wins a dismissal from Judge Akao after hearing of his abuse in custody (reports being shackled hand and foot, forcibly medicated, money taken, held in solitary).
  • Jeremiah facing trial for “disturbing the peace” and “resisting arrest”, reported deputies using Abu Gharab-style masks on prisoners
  • David Anthony Cross tasered to death a week ago, with Mayor Rotkin unwilling to respond.  See “Stop Lethal Tasering in Santa Cruz”
  • Reports from 9-24-05 anti-war rally
  • Tent University activist Pat True follows up on UCSC stonewallking
  • Andrea Tishler  of the Compassion Flower Inn reports on the San Francisco anti-war protest and LOVE parade
  • Curtis Reliford on his recent journey to aid victims of Katrina.

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