Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday August 24 show is a Flashback to September 22, 2005 featuring many voices including psychedelic writer Peter Stafford, Bike Church worker Toby, protesters against Sizzla, marijuana activist Lisa M., and more

The August 24, 2023 edition of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides is a September 22, 2005 flashback.  It includes 

  • Peter Stafford, psychedelic author and Homeless Garden Project worker, describes his jury duty in a competency case from the past where he was one of the two hold-out’s.
  • Troy of The Bike Church on group bike rides like Critical Mass as well as the Church’s services
  • Protests against Sizzla Kalonja at the Catalyst as for threatening homophobic lyrics: Mike Motorcyle the skateboarder, signholders Rachel and Julie urging boycott and ban,
  • Matthew Embri of FRSC’s Clatterbox on the anti-Sizzla protests, the lyrics, and the musician
  • Lisa Molyneux of Greenway discusses the first two days of Santa Cruz City’s first medical dispensary in five years (not counting the exclusionary and generally inaccessible WAMM (WoMen’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana)
  • “Crossroads” Chris Brozda presses County Counsel and others against the City’s Sleeping Ban
  • “Monkey” (aka Colin Campbell Clyde) on disappearing Pacific Avenue benches
  • L.A. babble from “Bruce” calls in to note creativity becomes ugly when shrill
  • Steve and Virginia Percy’s “Bush Lied; I Died” anti-war display ripped down again
  • ‘Battleready’ Bob Patton calls in to praise Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides