Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday February 4, 2024 show Rightheart Reggie Meisler on the Planning Commission’s latest dive up the bowels of Shitty Council+ Interviews Aplenty and a Flashback to May 11, 2017: 5-7 Protest with Survival Sleepers

The February 4, 2024 show includes:   

  • The attack on the Martin v. Boise case via Johnson v. Grants Pass at  Various media takes by Invisible People, Vox, Vice, & USA Today.  
  • Songs snatched from David Rovics’ loaded website [throughout the show]
  • [1-31]  “Nutcracker” Nick reporting on the Harvey West Friendship Garden  Encampments
  • [1-28]  Roger Meade on his false imprisonment in S.C. County Jail for 28 days on dropped “attempted murder” charges and other police/judicial obscenities
  • [2-3]  “Right Path” Reggie Meisler on the slippery struggle with the Planning Commission’s latest attack on “oversized” RVs
  • “Rough Nights” Renter on the problems of Landlord malign neglect and the Section 8 labyrinth
  • Merinda on good Armory conditions, and unsafety for homeless women downtown
  • Tips from Charles on negotiating police and courts in Santa Cruz
  • Paul Bernes spreading prayer and food to poor folks; Hurricane Helga blows in with blankets and out with bread. 
  • Dawnseeker Drew on Food Not Bombs on increasing crowds and more volunteers
  • Shawn says “NO on Proposition One”
  • Chitterchatter between Mello Mel and Bathrobespierre Robert

The Flashback show (May 11, 2017) includes: 

  • Katzenjammer Keith McHenry and “Stop the Sweeps” Abbi Samuels at City Hall’s “No Penalty for Poverty” Rally with commentary buy Silver-tongued Steve Pleich
  • [5-7-17] Survival Sleeper Updates from the round-the-clock Sleepout at City Hall  from Hans and Claudia
  • [5-9-17] At the Homeless Co-ordinating Committee’s “Don’t Fence Us Out” Rally