Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday February 1, 2024 show is a Flashback to September 21, 1997 featuring interviews with Eureka activists around the South Spit Jetty, Richard Quigley defending youth in Aptos + Updates from David Silva, Josh, & more

The February 1,  2024 show is a Flashback to September 21, 1997

and includes:

  • Second-hand accounts of Shitkicker Sean Alemi’s struggles, Redtop Robert’s Success in Appeals Court, and more
  • Interviews with seeking an Injunction against City authorities seeking the dispersal of the South Spit Jetty (Paradise Beach) homeless speaks with Nancy of Love in Action, a Eureka activist.
  • Beggarbacker Becky Johnson, a dissident voice on the Citizens Committee for the Homeless critiques their latest Community House boondoggle. [interview cut off, as well as part of subsequent Quigley interview]
  • Roughrider Richard Quigley defending Jerry Henry, street preacher of human rights at the Ranch Del Mar Shopping Center
  • Green Party gadfly David Minton Silva’s SCPD-on-homeless abuse report, City Council update, and latest on the Sleeping Ban Initiative
  • Josh, tarot card reader, on police indulgence and harassment
  • Balderos released from jail after 2 months in jail without apologies, restitution, in the City Hall flooding case without PD help.
  • Updating Rev. Wiley Drake’s shelter for homeless folks punished by the Buena Park authorities.