Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday January 14, 2024 show focuses on the City Council’s sell-out of the Gaza Ceasefire Resolution, Updates from Helga & Keith plus a Flashback to October 16, 2005 on the factional medical marijuana way back then

The Sunday January 14, 2024 edition of Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides includes:

  • 1-9 Santa Cruz City Council meeting—Item 29 Keeley and associates reject the Gaza ceasefire without debate after hundreds waited in line; Brunner and Brown present their doomed resolution 
  • [throughout the show] Daniel Mackler:
  • Commentary and songs in and around the speakers’ line at City Council from Hector, Nick and others.
  • Bathrobespierre at the Closed Session and Oral Communications on the absence of public process and destruction of homeless camps
  • Katzenjammer Keith on matters foreign, domestic, and local
  • [1-9] Rory Stanton (with pooch Mayhem) on Section 8 shenanigans
  • [1-11] Anteria on police tolerance in Santa Cruz
  • [1-13] Vandweller Yogi Jashua on troubles after the OVO (Oversized Vehicle Ordinance) arrives
  • [1-13] Miguel de Leon (Lito) on police seizure of his vehicles one after the other
  • Encounter with Sebastian Novelo, chef and father, reports San Lorenzo valley police discrimination
  • Hopespreader Helga describes a day without answers

The Flashback to October 16, 2005 includes:

  • Hurricane Katrina: Refugee problems in Houston; Narrow Escape from Martial Law in New Orleans
  • Downtown w/homeless lyrics; 
  • [10-1] At Human Rights Organization:  Eve, poet at age 9, on cops, services at Homeless Lack of Services [HLOC]; at Union Grove Planter, report of curbsitter copslammed on his face; Angel on undercover cop bust; 
  • In-Studio Guests: Tamara (5 years on the street), Daniel (“Up Til Now…”), & Cat (on squatting), 
  • Metro Strike: Paul Johnson vs. Mike Rotkin
  • Medical Marijuana: articles; L.C.’s courtcase on marijuana possession of one pound; bad treatment in jail; not enuf $ to buy marijuana or a get a recommendation; comments from Tokin’ Tim Rinker
  • Med X’s Anita Henri of Mex X suggests budget medical recommendations; Andrea on further problems getting “legal”
  • Compassion Flower Inn’s Andrea Tishler weighs in to assist L.C.; A.T. on the “Tax and Regulate” Initiative
  • Henri and Rinker criticize and analyze exclusive meetings between City Councilmembers & the Mike and Valerie Coral of Women and Men Medical Marijuana Alliance apparently not inviting other growers.
  • Susie Kippy on the Metro Bus Strike; More voices as well.