Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday January 7, 2024 show focuses on the recent police attack on People’s Park in Berkeley, featuring an interview with Cornerstone Carol Denney plus a Flashback to November 27, 2008 with lots of street interviews

The Sunday January 7, 2024 show includes

The Flashback to November 27, 2008 includes: 

  • [11-23] Irish and Cammuran report an assault by Officer Winston before a crowd of onlooking youth followed by an arrest of the victim and arrival of Winston’s fellow blueshirts; Mark reports cops waking up folks at 7 a.m. on Pacific Avenue;
  • [11-13] Coral, food server with SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom of Expression) reports Officer Forbus harassment
  • Joe on Bad Ass Coffee “we don’t serve people like you”; Robert U. & Alice report Robert ousted after spending $25 on coffee and computer use; reply from Bad Ass management; 
  • Travis on sidewalk spitting ticket, singing Christian music ticket; newly-arrived Carrie praises Santa Cruz
  • [11-14] Flutist Sequoia reports ticketing of the Thursday Christians feeding folks on Pacific; 
  • Nim on being ticketed for feeding the birds, sitting in a group of 2, bike riding wrong direction, sitting against a wall, having trash
  • Corporate Rat, Donkey Man, Chiquita Burrito, on tales of rage, frustration, and whimsy re: police and parental repression
  • Disgruntled downtowner notes 4 days running, “they stole my stuff”; Starlight on cop ousting churchside homeless sleepers; Metro driver madness; 
  • [11-26]  Return to the Metro—challenging the no pamphleting law
  • A taste of Uncle Dennis’s From the Cream to the Dregs