Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday January 4, 2024 show is a Flashback to January 7, 2007 featuring Berkeley attorney Larry Hildes, earlier Flashback-within-a-Flashback to 1993 People’s Park protest, the DIY New Year’s Parade 2006-7 and much more

Apologies for the lack of a 1-4-24 show announcement.  

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The show can be heard at .If you do, the show is in two files which should be opened separately & sequentially as usual. 

The January 4, 2024 show is a Flashback to the January 7, 2007 show with homeless material from Thomas Leavitt’s The Wake Up Call includes:

  • Remembrance for attorney, activist, and homeless-supporter Paul Sanford after his death falling from a tall building
  • Flashback within a flashback:  Pursued by police in an early 1990s People’s Park protest, interview with JayJay and Ute; Redtop Robert Flory on the march from Berkeley Bart through the City 
  • Bathrobespierre on the subsequent history of People’s Park (1991-2007)
  • May of 1996:   Interview with Berkeley attorney Larry Hildes on breaking out activist Shitkicker Sean Alemi and Sandy Ross, falsely jailed for infractions in the City Hall Sleepers Vigil of 1996; his successful fight denying Rotkin’s push for a TRO to stop the vigil on any public property;  the upcoming struggle against an attempt to ban the protest at City Hall at night
  • Tenderfoot Tim Rumford introduced as co-host; 
  • Fresno Freeze-out:  Scrooge-ish “Rescue Mission” boss Larry Arce tears down ornaments from homeless Xmas tree
  • Activist Mike Rhodes on wheelchair bound David Hamilton who spent 7 months in jail awaiting trial for a dropped charge, now harassed for signing on a median.
  • [12-14-07]  Michael Wallace, homeless driver busted for marijuana possession, mistakenly let the cop search his vehicle; Mark, nearby resident, notes less patrol cops; Paula and Yahyah make poetry outside the E-3 playhouse
  • [12-31]  Clitoria Cummings & 100+ others at the DIY 2006-7 DIY parade; Cordelia, the Hugger Woman on countering Counter-Terrorist Terror and spreading the love.
  • Later on New Year’s Eve—running commentary from downtown Santa Cruz
  • [1-7-07]  Visionsong Valerie and Merryweather Mike on Pacific Ave. with Mac and Cheese; Kenneth A. on racist discrimination at Rebele Family Shelter for his family;
  • [  ] Human Rights Organization  vet Bob Patton—Historical and International Overview
  • Karen on Santa Cruz’s Measure K, making marijuana use the lowest enforcement priority